MySQL Dump Timer  v.1. 2. 2004

The MySQL Dump Timer is intended to backup MySQL databases and tables periodically (MySQL Dump). It also allows the transfer of a MySQL database and MySQL tables between different MySQL servers (= MySQL Backup AND MySQL Restore). * Firewalls will

Fix Physical memory dump Error  v.2.0

Physical Memory Dump error is fatal error which may occur in windows system and also referred as Blue Screen Death Error. It is a situation when the system becomes unable to read the required files which are needed to run a particular application.


Image Dump  v.1.0

Image Dump is a very simple, and freely editable Automator workflow (Made into an Application) that downloads image URLs linked from the current front page in Safari.

Makhaon DICOM Dump  v.3.0

Makhaon dicom dump allows validating, editing and viewing DICOM and dicomdir files. All standard tags (under standard DICOM 2014c) and their VR are supported. Correctly parse tags with VM (Value Multiplicity). Can add, change, delete any tag.

Dump Flash decompiler

Dump Flash Decompiler is the program that treats compressed and decompressed SWF-files and shows the detailed structure in the tree form. It's possible to export a file to the XML format for the next work with SWFMILL program.

Frequency Spectrum Dump  v.1.0

Frequency Spectrum Dump Inputs: mp3, wav, ogg, etc Scriptable, Visualization Output: csv file with the mean magnitudes of 255 frequency bands. Analyze audio files. The Frequency Spectrum Dump inputs are: MP3, WAV, OGG.

Multi Screen Dump  v.

The multi screen dump tool is a stand alone executable and does not require installation. Simply run the MultiScreenDump.exe file and the initial screen capture information message appears.You can use Printscreen to capture a whole screen or use the

Class-dump  v.3.1.2

class-dump is a command-line utility for examining the Objective-C segment of Mach-O files.

Code-dump-ppc  v.1.0

Code-dump is an Objective C program that decompiles PPC Objective C programs on Mac OS X, relying on their inherently structured format.

This Day in History - SQL Dump of Events  v.1 2

This is a comprehensive list of 142,000+ historical facts that includes 65,000+ historical events, 57,000+ births, 17,500+ deaths and about 2,500 holidays.

BU - NFS/ssh BackUp and CDRW dump tool  v.3.4.beta

The Sourceforge project page is no longer maintained.

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